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Chhatrapati Shivaji's spirituality

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Chhatrapati Shivaji's spirituality

                                      Chhatrapati Shivaji's Hinduism is invariably based on the spiritual thoughts of the saints of his time. Sant Tukaram, Sant GoraKhumbhar, Sant SawataMali, Sant Namdev,Samarth Ramdas Swami and the other saints of the time were the true followers of the Dyneshwari the Marathi version of the Bhagwat Geeta.And the role of these saints is very important in building the 'Swaraj'. Sant Tukaram advised Rajmata Jijau to prey for a powerful child who can build the Swaraj of the Hindus who can stand firmly and bravely for the betterment of the Hindus. The dream of the Mother Jijau came into existence soon. She gave birth to a son who ultimately completed the mother's expectation in the future. He bravely fought against the enemies like Afzalkhan,Shahistekhan and so on. Shivaji Raje gathered the Mavalas and inspired them to fight for 'Swaraj'. In building the 'Swaraj' he followed the advice and guidance of the saints at the time. Main concept of Kshatriya rule told by Dnyneshwar is that sunflower is always fought in front of the Sun, like this you can stand  against your enemies.

Shivaji's eight ministry concept

                     Shivaji formed a typical eight ministers. Ministry to govern the 'Swaraj'. The policy was mainly based on the basic  concept in the Vedas. In the Vedas there are eight God and Goddess  who control the whole world. They are Indra, Agni,Yam,Nishruti, Varun, vayu, Kuber and Eishan. They are called the Ashtadikpal. From this theme he develop the government and trust before the goddess power.Some of history writer mention that Shivaji’s eight-ministry concept from Ramayana. In this six ministers were warrior.In Shivaji's ministry except Panditrao and Judge all six ministers were warrior.To support these ministers Shivaji also creates small depatments.It includes 18 Karkhanas and 12 Mahals which work under these ministers.

Shivaji's self originaity (Swayanbhu) character 

                                In the historic record of Mouni Maharaj it is stated that Shivaji was the so very powerful character who had an exceptionally self generating powers ( swayambhu ). And only by this gift he could fight against the dangerous foe like Afazalkhan. In Pratapgad victory against Afzalkhan this character is seen. How he knows that Afzalkhan will kill him by pressing his head that he should arrange the tiger nails ( wagh nakh -sharp weapon ). So many times he knows the future by his goddess power and saints advise. In this victory spiritual point of view his originality from Bhakth Pralad is seen. Many of history writer mentions as Shivaji is Shriman Yogi.Shri Samarth Ramdas Swami mention him as 'Janata Raja'

Mouni Maharaj and Shivaji

                              Mouni Maharaj and Shivaji's visit  mentioned by Prof. M.G.Mali and Chhatrajagat Guru Benadikar Patil that they meet at Patgaon in 1676 at the time of Shivaji's visit to Karnataka. They mention that this record from Bakhar 61 episode. The sandas written by Sane and Pradhan to Mouni Maharaj math on order of Shivaji and Sambhaji. Mouni Maharaj was a great personality in the Konkan,North Karnataka and Western Ghat region of  Kolhapur district. Temple's of Mouni Maharaj in so many places. In Malvan their are two temples one is in the fort of Sindudurga and other is village Malvan. He is famous saints in Konkan and North Karnataka and western ghat regions of Kolhapur district. Their are some records that he stayed in Here in taluka Chandgad and on Pargad fort. Also the temples are at Uttur in Ajara taluka, another at Baleghol near Kapshi,also at Pangire in Karnataka state near Nipani. And in the memory of Mouni Maharaj people's of Patgaon celebrate a festival for six days from 'Rath Saptami'.

                            In Bakhar of Dattaji Trimal Waknivas it is stated that meeting of Shivaji and Mouni Maharaj was took place at the Dasara festival. In 76 episode it is narrated as follows.

                          " At the village of Patgaon lived the hermit Mouni Baba. Shiva went to visit him and ordered Moro Pant to present sweet smelling flowers to the holy man who had so thoroughly with drawn his hand from taking and retained his tongue from asking for anything that he did not convey food into his mouth with his own hands, but others used to feed him in their devotion. He accepted the flowers. Shivaji placing several trays of sweet meals before the saints, fed him with his own hands and thought within himself. I am going towards the karnatak. If that country is destined to be easily conquered, may a holy thing be presented to me ( as a sign )! As soon as the heart took a morsel of food out of his own mouth and placed it in the Maharaja's hand. Then he cast a gracious look at Moro Panth, who presented a bunch of flowers, which the saint put on Shivaji's head. Shiva's hearts wishes being thus strengthened he kissed the hermit's feet and took his leave."

                           From this we can wants to mention the one thing that Mouni Maharaj was the Guru of Raje. He took the anugraha from him. Flowers are of pink village roses. Because Mouni Maharaj like the village pink rose. Some people mention that Raje stand for 7 hours. But the main thing is that the time of anugraha was fixed for this purpose Raje wait for 7 hours. At the time of anugraha real Guru only wants leaves, flower and fruit and sweet like sugar. 

Chhatrapati Sambhaji's memory

                           After the Rajayabhishekha ( spiritual Holy Saints vedically declared Shivaji as a King ) of Chhatrapati Shivaji the work should be changed. He wants to develop the spiritual concepts in society. He works for this. After that Sambhaji raje also work in this manner. He works like a Sanyashi. The actual meaning of Sanyas from Vedas order is that it is a religion and after the acceptation of this religion he should works for whole world peace, works to finish poorety, give guidance, spirituality of whole living things should make alive and create the happiness in whole world. Raje works on this concept but the blind religious people not understand his work. They kill Sambhaji raje in very bad manner. They worn out his eyes and made hungry for water. But the actual concept of Sambhaji raje is hidden in the history that I  wants to mention here. His history written by the historition is so bad that we can not trust it. We wants to write Sambhaji's history in different way. He wants to develop spirituality in our country and Human religion concept on the basis of Dnyneshwari. He works for that purpose. But the peoples did not accept his concept at that time. The blind religious leaders appose him and the results are seen. So he  also known as Dharmveer Sambhaji Raje.

   Rajmata Jijau's Spirituality

                             Rajmata Jijau trust on spirituality. She guided by Sant Tukaram. He give a advise that take a Vrata (prey to God ) to born a son that can work to protest our community and religion. Vrata of reading a Dnyneshwari and soham meditation. Here we want to mention the science of Vrata. Shri Baba Maharaj Aarvikar the holy saint of Machnur in Pandharpur region state that at the time of pregnancy the sadhana of women's have  great importance. By nature rules  emotions that happens at the time of eating a food, in that percentage of marks the juice creates in lives. It was seen in both men and women also. This juice plays a vital role at the time of pregnancy. At the time of sadhana the bile is burnt and so many chemicals secreted. That can affects on health. These chemicals are not discovered till yet today. These concepts told by saints in old books but our new generation can not find or use these concepts. We Should have to recover all these concepts and wants to do research. In ancient history there are such examples are there. Abhimanu hear breaking of chakraview a battle fighting wheel concept when he was in the stomach of his mother. Another example a lives get bramhabodha or aatamdnyn when he was in fish stomach Bramhabodha told by sanba to Parvati Bhavani and this live afterward become a Machindranath. That means state,organs,stimuli and his nature is of Guru's and the feelings  to Bhakt. This evergreen Nobel  truth when happens then there is different equality feelings.

                           Shivaji the great King born and protest our Hindu culture and religion. Rajmata Jijau started his work in guidance of holy saints. She first rule the concept of Swaraj and co-operative movements in Pune region. In Guidance of Sant Tukaram , Dadoji Kondev, Mavalas and holy bramhians she rules the farming , silviculture to fight against drought conditions. In his guidance so many casts and religions are involved. She guide Shivaji in this manner that he  should work for the country of his own power.

                          Rajmata Jijau visit Aalate,Ramling and Aalamprabhu in Hatkanagale taluka in Kolhapur dist. Ramling is holy place. Temple of Shiva. Here she renew the temple of Shiva and Ramkund. In Shravan month on each Monday there is festival of Lord Shiva.

   Maharani Yesubai's Spirituality  

                          Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje accept the religion of sanayas and works for this religion. Maharani Yesubai also accept this religion of sanayas. After the death of Sambhaji raje she not leave her concept. She works and wander to find actual concept of spirituality. She visited so many holy places. She involve in Sant Tukaram's wari. She hears the many lectures of holy saints on spirituality. Auranjeb was watching on her work. In this processes he also get studied the actual concepts of Hindu spirituality. Here we wants to mention that Auranjeb also gets changed because Dnyneshwari philosophy changes the minds of enemies too. In his last period of his work this can been seen in real history of Aurangeb. But our historic writer mention the wrong concepts this is very shameful. We wants to mention the visit of Maharani Yesubai's visits to Moraya Gosavi Temple in Chinchawad Pune. Here she meet Shri Sadguru Narayan Maharaj at the time of wari of Sant Tukaram. She always hear Sadguru Narayan Maharaj spiritual lectures on Moksha. You can get moksha only by hearing the Dnyneshwari. She always do sadhana of mantra.


 'Sarvamangal maangale shive sarwartha sadhike sharany trebake gouri narayani namostute'

Shivaji cow protector

Chhatrapati Shivaji known as Gorakshak (Cow protector). It is an integral part of Hindutva, Hindu religion Hindu culture. Chhatrapati Shivaji´s spirituality is based on science. Here we want to mention the science of Cow protection. The traditional cow dung and urine have medicinal properties and used to cure many diseases. Urine has properties to reduce environmental pollution. Ash from cow dung and urine is used as insecticide. The dry cow dung is also used to stop heavy blooding of injured soldiers.

Samarth's advise to Raje Sambhaji

                            After the acceptation of Sanyas on order of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Sambhaji wants to develop the spiritual philosophy  in their state. But he gets opposed by some ministry persons and family members. Because of this oppose he become angry. He loses control and balance and the actual concept of Raje Shivaji become difficult to maintain. At this situation he is guided by Samarth Ramdas Swami. Samarth advise him that control your self the anger. Overcome the family problems. This can not give you any thing. Remember the Chhatrapati Shivaji's victorious work, their advise, how they work, how they handle the peoples and so on. Collect the peoples and consult them the real advice of Shivaji raje behind the sacrifice to develop the spiritual Maharashtra state. For this purpose he donate the land and finance the spiritual holy saints. Keep your mind in control and concentrate on the meditation. Always live in alone. And keep satisfaction. Concentrate your sight in between the two eyes i.e. adnychakra ( He mention in Marathi as Bhumandal ). Stay alert in meditation.

                    Because of this precious advise to Raje Sambhaji Samarth Ramdas Swami become a real spiritual guidance Guru of Shivaji in sight of their ancestor’s.


see below the page - Picture of Samarth Swami Ramdas Letter to Sambhaji Raje-Record from Itihas mangiri and Book of Dr.Sadashiv Shivade on Sambhaji raje.













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Samarth Ramdas Swami advise to Sambhaji Raje

Sambhaji Raje's Danpatra

                                     Danpatra was a letter written by Sambhaji Raje. In this letter he admired to spiritual holy saints in following ways in his own handwriting.

                                  “ In Bramha who is happy,gladden,far away from happiness and sorrow,universal,philosophical etc. and who at all time feelings of words of Upnishadas,holiness,steady,uniform, acquainted with whole universe Namaskar to such a holy spiritual saints with a great honor and respect”

 Lokraja Shahu's reservation concept

                   Indian social life based on spiritual concept. In this whole living life’s progress concept, without broken of nature’s rule whole live diverted towards spiritual light. This is Mouni Maharaj spiritual concept. Kolhapur Karveer Riyasati has spiritual rules of Mouni Maharaj. Lokraja Shahu thinks that contribution of all casts and religion in development of Shivaji’s Kingdom. As per their contribution and devotion for Shivaji Raje to obey the concepts of Mouni Maharaj rules he work for progress of these casts and offer reserve category seats in education and employment.



Chhatra Jagat Guru Peeth  

              In periods of Lokraja Shahu pandit hate to teach spiritual concept and vedic study to other caste peoples. Only brahmians have authority to learn the vedas and spiritual concept. To break this tradition Shahu started Chhatra Jagat Guru Peeth and vedic school for all caste peoples.Every person in society have authority to study vedas and spiritual concept. On 12 Octomber;1920 he appointed Benadikar Patil as a Chhatra Jagat Guru in Mouni Maharaj math at Patgaon.Shahu Maharaj made rule that Chhatra Jagat Guru should be married person. Main concept behind this was to remove blind belief from society and construct the real spiritual concept.