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# Bhandarkar Institute Pune has records on Mouni Maharaj. Laxman Shastri Joshi's Marathi Vishwakosh: 13 Page No.1298 have information about Mouni Maharaj. We are in searching of papers published by Joshi Shripad Pune in 1983 and Shirke Ram's Yogiraj Shri Mouni Maharaj, Shri Mouni Patrika, 3rd edition in February 1974. If any one found these records please kindly contact us.# Shivaji University started research on Mouni Maharaj under Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Maratha history study center at Kolhapur#Join our group on Yahoo and MSN # #

Shri Sadguru Dada Madhavnath Guru Kurpa Sparsh

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Shri Sadguru Dada Madhavnath Guru Kurpa Sparsh



 Shri Sadguru Dada Madhavnath Maharaj


How I found my Guru

                                        Spirituality is a way that can give to everybody happiness and peace to the mind. I wander for Guru. I visited so many places for Guru. But when I meet Dada I feel that Guru is waiting for me. I was not wandering. Guru was calling me. I visited Pawas a holy place of Swami Swaroopanand in January 1991.Before that I visited Pawas with my family and friends. But when I self visited to Pawas I feel some different fillings that I did not feel before. Here when I am preying and making puja of samadhi I ask the Pujari that I want Soham sadhana. He told me that for this first you find proper Guru and ask him for Soham sadhana. Because yoga and authority of soham sadhana to Sadguru only. At that time I did not know about soham sadhana. After that I came out side and sit in sabhamandap I see a photo of Shri Sadguru Vishwanath Maharaj Rukadikar. Rukadi was my native place at that time. I feel that our village Rukadi's saint was so popular but I did not know about him till the time. The samadhi of Shri Vishwanath Maharaj is on the bank of river Panchganga in Rukadi. After that I know about the Rukadikar trust. But the time of visit had not reach. Seventy-fourth memory anniversary of Vishwanath Maharaj was going in Kolhapur.  First time that I visited the place of trust. But I don't know about Dada. After six month in Navratra I visited samadhi of Vishwanath Maharaj. I feel some one was calling me. I think that because of troubles in my life I feels such thing and I ignore that point. But when I was working in Sakal Press Kolhapur as a reporter to collect the news I first time meet Dada. They arranged the Dnyneshwari parayan in Rukadi at samadhi place. I feel that Vishwanath Maharaj send me to congratulate Data for this function. Because of such spiritual filling I attracted towards Dnyneshwari. I get interest in parayana. I feel happiness, peace. My problem of headache due to bile is solved. My many health problems get solved. After that I know that bile is burnet at the time of sadhana or when you came across such holy spiritual saints. Here I got a proper guidance Guru and I got anugraha in Mouni Maharaj math at Patgaon. Mouni Maharaj was the Guru of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Sambhaji.At such a place I gets anugraha.





How I get anugraha 


                 Sadguru arranged a program of sadhana in Mouni Maharaj math. The math has historic background. Mouni Maharaj was the Guru of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Sambhaji. Here also Maharani Tarabai's history. At this place Lokraja Shahu also started a Chatraguru peet. The math and samadhi of Mouni Maharaj is on the bank of river Vedganga at Patgaon in Kolhapur district. The place is very beautiful and it has a rich forestry.  There are also historic temples like Bhadrakali temple of Saraswat Brahmin’s. The peoples are Konkani and so loving that every one can fall in love with them. At this place we should have to reach. But I have no money to reach this place. Dada told that he arranged a truck of Muchandi kaka. I got some courage. I think that this chance should not miss. I dare to join them. I have only 25 rupees and the place was 80Km away from Kolhapur. We reach in evening. We prey and do sadhana. Dada told that he was very happy to visit this place. Mouni Maharaj breaking their rule of keeping quiet told something to Dada. Dada says that he is so happy that those who have not get yet anugraha they should take. Second day we visited the Rangana fort and Patgaon dam. Third day we got anugraha. After that we do pooja of Mouni Maharaj samadhi. The money that I have is used to buy the coconut and sugar.





           Gurukrupasparsh is seen in Sadguru's environment. I always go in their house and read Dnyneshwari. One day they give me a   Dnyneshwari parayana copy of shri.S.K.Devdhar in gift. He punishes me to read Dnyneshwari 50 times. I start reading. First I cannot understand the real meaning of sentences. But as the reading go on I am better to understand all the sentences very well. I took interest in hearing the spiritual guidance lectures always given by Shri Ramraya kulkarni (Sangavdekar).    


              If you faith in them, they will always guide you. Here I teach a lesson that Sadguru is waiting for you. They want to give you peace, happiness and courage in life of spirituality. If you have faith in spirituality they will give you knowledge and serve your life. For anugraha and knowledge of spirituality they wants only faith not any material things like money, gold, silver and so on. Here I know the Dnyneshwari lesson that he wants only leaf, flower and fruit and not any material things.


            Guru word has a beautiful meaning. First word Gu means unknown, having no knowledge and second word Ru means defeat. That means Guru is the person who can defeat unknown, give knowledge i.e. gives aatamagyan. Deep steady affection towards Guru brings steady ness, integration, and equality in feelings. These feeling I first time observe in 76th memory program of Shri Vishwanath Maharaj Rukadikar.  I attend all the lectures on spirituality. On Tukaram bij program when all the peoples saying mantras in a one voice, I go in different state, the tears of joy in my eyes. 15 min. I cannot understand what is going. Just I am crying. I feel that whole of my sorry is taken by Guru. These feeling that I feel have no words to say or express it. Sant Tukaram in his Tukaram Gatha mention that you eat here but the balance sheet should be on Paduranga's name. This lesson I see in Dada's environment. Each and every time I have no of money to donate. But no one ask me about the donation or charges of math programs. One day I feel my self-guilty and I donate 300 Rs. to Dada from my own payment. But after that I become sick and I leave the job of work. Shri Sadguru Baba Maharaj Aarvikar in his book Divyamrut Dhara says that if you got Guru Krupa then there is an origin of natural love. This love means a full of aatamanand (real happiness). Hence every one should first recover the yoga of bless. Then your path become easy and straight. Once you gets the Guru's bless then with that bless you can get the powers of light (Kudalini) in you life. Then your life becomes mad in love for Guru or God. You thinking toward him increases because of this you become free from work. Whole this process is a spiritual science.


                      Shri Baba Maharaj Aarvikar's book of Divyamrut Dhara is so good that every one can understand the meaning. This book has also a tragedy. Here I teach a lesson that the Holy books written by such a Holy saints can buy on your own works payment or by own income that is from swavalamban rule. Then and then only you can get the real spirituality of these saints.


                              How Guru knows that what is going in your mind? He knows all these things. In 75th Shri Vishwanath Maharaj Rukadikar memory function I gets such experience. Dada was searching for Shri Devnath Maharaj who first forwards the Dnyneshwari aatmagyne parampara. In 75 Th function photo of Devnath Maharaj was kept on the stage. On this photograph a cloth piece was put. I am thinking that Dada should donate this cloth piece to me. Dada knows what is going on in my mind. On last day of function he gave me this cloth piece as a gift. Here I learned a lesson that Guru always keeps watching on you. He is always with you.  His main work is to awake in Bhakt's heart and become a guardian. He can meet you when you prey by considering him with equal mind, then he is always with you. He will give you 100% satisfaction of your expectation. In spirituality Guru always automatically scans your whole mind. He is Northern doctor who kills the viruses in your mind. 


                                Dada always says to read Dnyneshwari. For this he always arranges the Parayana function to channel the peoples to read it. Here I want to mention the science of parayana. There are three types of Tap (type of meditation). Satvik tap, Rajas tap, and Tamas tap. In process of satvik tap the person become holy, and gain knowledge of spirituality i.e. aatamadnyan. This can achieve by love and bless of Guru. This tap has also three types Kayik tap, Vachik tap, and Mansik tap. That vachik tap is a reading of holy books. So Dada always says to read a Dnyneshwari.This is a type of meditation. Reading makes the person become sensible and conscious. The hearing stimuli organs become sensible. If you always read Dnyneshwari you can hear the voice clearly that comes from a long distance. By the meditation of Vachik tap the stimuli organs i.e. hearing, smelling, sight can be improved. Also another effect bile is burnt and you increase the capacity of eating food or you become hungrier.