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इये मराठीचिये नगरी वेबसाईट पाहण्यासाठी क्लिक करा


        Mouni Maharaj was the Guru of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Sambhaji. The Math and Samadhi of Mouni Maharaj is at Patgaon in Bhudargad taluka in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra India. The real history is missing. We are going to Study the real history under the guidance of spiritual Holy saints. There are some records and books on Mouni Maharaj in Shivaji University Kolhapur. Shivaji University started research on Mouni Maharaj under Shahu Maharaj Maratha history study center at Kolhapur. Prof.M.G.Mali (Aachrya Jawadekar B.Ed. College, Mouni University, Gargoti, Dist.Kolhapur) wrote the book on Mouni Maharaj. Here he mentions some historic records of math and samadhi. In Bharat Itihas Sanshodhan Mandal, 1321, Sadashiv Peth, Pune have some records on this history. Chhatrapati Maharani Tarabai and Lokraja Shahu have also history of Mouni Maharaj math. He started a chatra jagat guru peet and appointed Benadikar Patil as a Chatrajagat guru.These records are seen in Private library of Prof. Dr. Jayashigrao Bhahusaheb Pawar "Shivatej", 108, Sane Guruji vasahat, Radhanagari Road, Kolhapur Pin coad 416011.Bhandarkar Institute Pune has records on Mouni Maharaj. Laxman Shastri Joshi's Marathi Vishwakosh: 13 Page No.1298 have information about Mouni Maharaj. We are in searching of papers published by Joshi Shripad Pune in 1983 and Shirke Ram's Yogiraj Shri Mouni Maharaj, Shri Mouni Patrika, 3rd edition in February 1974.If you found records kindly contact us.


         Samadhi of Mouni Maharaj shows that they are from Nath Sampradaya. Mouni Maharaj sadhana in Dasara festival or Navaratra have importance. Mouni Maharaj took sanjeevan samadhi in year 1686(traditional date of Sanjeevan samadhi Magha Shukla Navami). The spirituality and hindutwa of Shivaji is in hidden history of Mouni Maharaj. Mouni Maharaj concepts of spirituality is mainly based on the Dnyneshwari parmpara. Dnyneshwar shows one thing that from lower casts can also become a spiritual aatamgani guru. For this purpose their names are remain with their casts just Namdevshimpi, Gorakumbhar, SavataMali etc. He shows that they will remain in their casts and heredity origin and they are real aatmadnyne spiritual guru's. There is no need of Bramhian's origin of heredity so there is no need of intercasts marriage also. You remain in your casts & forward the Dnyneshwari aatamadnyne parampara.

       Spirituality and various movements in Hindu religion and politics should ideally play an important role in development of the society and the state on the basis of science. The history of Chhatrapati reveals the important roles played by saints like Sant Tukaram, Samarth Ramdas Swami and Mouni Maharaj. The Maratha kingdom would not have been possible without the guidance of these religious leaders of the time. Their role can be traced to the very early period of Chhatrapati Shivaji's Swaraj. It was on the advice of Sant Tukaram to Rajmata Jijau, that Chhatrapati Shivaji started working for Swaraj. They channeled the minds of people from all castes and religions towards the common aim of Swaraj rule. Though Shivaji worked under his own rules and powers, the saints and Rajmata Jijau always guided him. To attain Swaraj, Shivaji first developed the economy in the society. He created a role for the basis co-operative movement, bringing together all casts and religions. He created employment on the basis of scientific and spiritual guidance. He advocated farming according to the advice of learned people. To fight drought conditions he encouraged planting of trees. And while doing all this, he built forts all over his territories to protect the people. In all his actions he emphasized the role of people, without prejudice to any caste. Their only aim was to develop the power of his territory. Though, unfortunately some of historians have written that the role played by the saints was directed against Muslims.

     If any one found any historic records of Mouni Maharaj please contacts me on my email or contact on [email protected]

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Mouni Maharaj Sanjeevan Samadhi

Mouni Maharaj Sanjeevan Samadhi at Patgaon In Kolhapur district.

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