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# Bhandarkar Institute Pune has records on Mouni Maharaj. Laxman Shastri Joshi's Marathi Vishwakosh: 13 Page No.1298 have information about Mouni Maharaj. We are in searching of papers published by Joshi Shripad Pune in 1983 and Shirke Ram's Yogiraj Shri Mouni Maharaj, Shri Mouni Patrika, 3rd edition in February 1974. If any one found these records please kindly contact us.# Shivaji University started research on Mouni Maharaj under Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Maratha history study center at Kolhapur#Join our group on Yahoo and MSN # #

Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj Gurukrupasparsh

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Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj Gurukrupasparsh

                              Mouni Maharaj name it self indicates his spirituality. A study of keeping the truth means moun. Aatamadnyan is a real truth.


Moun ga tuje rashinav | aata stotri ke bandho hav |


Disasi tetuli maav | bhajoo Kaee | |


             Maharaj, Moun is the name came from your birth zodiac sign. Then the bhajan of which person should I do? The name itself tells that meditation of keeping quiet. Always stay in Soham meditation. It is very difficult. Your work was by writing only says some people. Today the written words become the sword for the enemies. Meditation of Mouni Maharaj in Dasara Festival called Navratra has very importance.


                     From your name I agree the rules of mediation. That the first one is Yam. Yam means a religion in which always keeps your mind in love of Guru and the work in life arranged according to this religion. Yam includes non-violence, truth, kindness, etc. Here non-violence is to do soham meditation, keeping your mind constant and always steady on original nature. Keep your mind constant on your respiration. Also non-violence is to do study of, how to convert your whole organs towards soul or mind and keep always them into development of mind. Performing your daily work of life, keep the feeling of God’s love into your heart always. The actual meaning of non -violence is to make the whole world happy and peaceful.


Teesa Manacha maru na karita | aani indria dukha na deta |


Yethe moksha aase aayata | shravanachimanji ||


              It is non-violence. i.e. you can get moksha only by hearing. For this purpose cannot kill your mind and do not give sorrow to your body organs.


             One thing we observe in Mouni Maharaj was that he hates the gold and silver or material things. He was always in soham meditation i.e. Moun. Only Guru's name in his mouth and mind. In Saint Tukaram's words we can say that




                             Mouni Maharaj Moun leaves their Moun Vrata for Samarth Ramdas Swami. These records are seen Giridharkrut 'Samarth Pratap' in episode seventh. Spiritual lovely relation between Samarth Ramdas and Mouni Maharaj. Mouni Maharaj always wants to meet him. One day one of the Bhakt brought sweet sugar from Mouni Maharaj. Swami sorts this sweet sugar very happily to all of peoples.


Giridharkrut "Samarth Pratap" episode seventh record is as follows,


Saat shat varshacha Patgavi Mouni | Moun bhangoni dhave samarth darshni |


Lakshanlaksh yathra vani | samartha mage lagataase || 23 ||


Konhiyek mahapurushe kapatachi sakarpane aanili |


Tva patgavihuni samathashi sakarpane aali |


Ghadi yeka kapatparne sharkareshi vilaya geli | samath sarvana vatili sakarpane ||24||


                              The Vedas are eternal, non ending, beginning less and not made by man But the Vedas were destroyed in the deluge at the end of the last Kalpa. At the beginning of the present kelpa the Rishis through tapas reproduced in substances, if not in form the antediluvian. Vedas that they carried in their memory by the favor of God. Mouni Maharaj from his tapas reproduces the Vedas in the form of poems. So the river near the samadhi is named as Vedganga. From this place where the real Vedas originated.




Mango, Sandal, Ficus, Acacia trees of different character

 Sweet fruits from mango, shelter for tired once from ficus

 Thorn from acacia, sweet smell of happiness from sandal

 But fire from all these trees same.

 Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

 Human's of different character but soul same.




Protons positive, electrons negative,

 Neutrons neutral forms atoms sphere.

 So inwards, hum outwards,

 Mind steady forms meditation sphere.

 Energy on atoms explosion.

 Knowledge on meditation concentration.

 Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

 Violence of science, Peace of spirituality.



 Tell me how I prey to you,

 Tell me how I call to you,

 Tell me how I know to you,

 Tell me how I trust to you,

 Tell me how I control my mind,

 Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

 See my spiritual holy soul in you.



 Mother knows child’s hunger and thirst,

 Child hear in Mother’s stomach,

 Bile burnt in meditation affects lives,

 Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

 Women’s vrata construct child’s future.



Universal survivor, why you keep quiet,

 You promise me to give answer,

 Whole religious holy work you,

 Whole ancient God Sadguru you,

 Whole holy sine you, everything you,

 Waiting for your promised blessing,

 Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

 With your kind heart, talk and bless us.



 I talk that my mind says to me,

 I dare to mix frankly with you,

 My words and knowledge not proper,

 But your Bhakti expressions behind this,

 No shame, no question in my mind,

 No fear against the people’s intelligence,

 With your spiritual bless and promise I talk,

 Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

 So surrender your words on Sadguru’s feet.



Wants to go Patgaon, the holy place,

 On the bank of river Vedganga,

 Where the Vedas originate,

 Vedas of spiritual peace,

 Vedas of precious words,

 Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

 Patgaon the place of worshiper.



 No energy to study spirituality,

 Not know how to do meditation,

 Only love in heart to meet you,

 No energy to worship you,

 Mind only thinks to meet you,

 Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

With your kind heart meet us.



Sky yours roof,Earth yours sittingroom,

Tree adorn,Birds singing creats happiness,

Mind says Soham, Soham,

Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj Says,

You struggle with yourself.


 For whom the four Vedas,

Keep his name in mouth,

No need of anything,

Eighteen Puranas also says,

Importance of Guru’s name,

Who advise Geeta, they also says this,

Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

Jay jay Ram,Krishna, Hari.



Ash paste to body,

and with closed eye do sin,

Shows inertness to subject;

and involve in wrong works,

Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

Burn their connexion.



Internal spiritual soul lighten,

Darkness comes to an end,

Whole universe fill with happiness,

Joy of spiritual feelings,

Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

Propagation of infinite love of Guru.



Clean and Pure thinking in mind,

Then enemies become your friends,

Sorrow also gives sweet fruits,

Fire also gives cool waves,

Fill only one tone in whole,

Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

You understand with experience by sadguru's bless.



Sweet thinking in mind,

Satisfy by you,

Inward outward everywhere you,

No need of hardwork,

Only your name with love,

Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

Everything I kindly tell you.



Indian social life based on spiritual concept,

In this whole living life's progress philosophy,

Without broken of nature's rule and laws,

Whole live diverted towards spiritual light,

Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

Bodily, Mindly and with soul involve in Sadguru's work.



Seven holy spiritual saints,
Four self originity character Manus,
These eleven Kings creat Universe,
Eight ministers run their Government,
Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,
All these form by Bramha's Mind.



Intelligent don’t need to say your name,

You fill in all over the Universe,

Knowing this; spiritual Love creates in Mind,

Spiritual peace creates in Meditation,

Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj Says,

Time passes in knowing spiritual existence of Guru.



Whole sorrow disappears in Guru’s love,

For this needed equality in berating,

Which Keeps mind in Guru’s spiritual worship,

Shri Sadguru Mouni Maharaj says,

With kind heart I immediately follow with you.